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Peter Moore: The Dreamcast Legacy Lives On Xbox | LevelUp

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One of the saddest moments in the history of video games was the end of SEGA’s era as a console manufacturer, which was marked by the departure of the Dreamcast from the market. However, the end of one adventure meant the beginning of another, and Microsoft’s closeness to the developers of the console served to bring Xbox to life. As part of the celebration of the 20 years of the brand, an iconic manager who worked in both companies spoke about this fact.

The fall of the Dreamcast influenced the birth of Xbox

During the special 20 years broadcast on Xbox and hosted by Reggie Fils-Aimé, Peter Moore addressed the moment when the Dreamcast said goodbye to the market but was about to start the Xbox story. Moore, who was president of SEGA of America in those years and later became one of the most important directors of Xbox, pointed out that the relationship between SEGA and Microsoft, formed by the use of the Windows CE operating system in the Dreamcast, was important for locate the potential of the social experience of online gaming: “We built a relationship with the Xbox team and began to unite the 2 consoles with the synergy that online gaming was the real key. We wanted to develop this concept of social games that, without disrespecting Nintendo and Sony at the time, it still looked like you versus me, kids in the bedroom or on the couch. “

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For Peter Moore, the Dreamcast legacy lives on in Xbox online play

Later, and already talking about the SEGA Dremcast debacle, Peter Moore assured that this idea of ​​the online game and the way in which it was transferred to Xbox allowed the legacy of the ill-fated console to continue to this day: “Dreamcast was ahead of their time, but sadly they didn’t quite do it in the face of looming fear, doubt, and uncertainty about what PlayStation was doing, as they did it brilliantly. However, as the Dreamcast faded into the twilight, the The baton passed to Xbox. We started collaborating and brought content to Xbox. I think in the next few years when we started to take off with Xbox Live and believed in this idea of ​​online gaming together there was a bit of a legacy from the SEGA Dreamcast and it still exists. in some place”.

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