Tuesday, August 16

Pablo Motos, in shock after ‘breaking waters’ a participant of the Trancas and Barrancas challenge

Durante your visit this Wednesday a ‘The Hormiguero’, the actor Javier Gutirrez, who has come to the entertainment space of Antenna 3 to present the film ‘The daughter’, has had to face a fun game of Trancas and Barrancas. The ants have prepared a challenge in which Pablo Motos and the Asturian interpreter has had to guess if the couples who have participated in it, who are pregnant, are a couple in real life or not.

Through questions, Javier Gutirrez you have guessed that the first couple to participate is a real life couple and the second is not. With the third he was wrong and said they are not a couple when in fact I know they are. However, with the fourth couple something has happened that nobody expected, since the girl, eight months pregnant, has broken waters on the set. Pablo Motos and Javier Gutirrez have formulated Alejandra and Irma different questions such as how long have they been together -five years or so-, where did they meet -in a friendly bar in Chueca-, how many months is Alejandra pregnant -eight months-, if she is going to be a girl or boy -nium- and what’s her name -Sasha-.

At that moment, in the middle of the interrogation, Alejandra has broken waters. “Don’t tell me you’re going into labor now”, Pablo Motos has warned visibly concerned. “Ay !, ay !, ay!”, exclaimed the pregnant woman while the water breaks. “Are you okay?” They have asked the driver of ‘El Hormiguero’, but the young woman, visibly nervous and assisted by her partner, has not answered. “Excuse me, are you okay? I just don’t know if you’re …” the presenter has insisted. “Yes, yes, yes … Yes, I think so”, the girl replied.

Alejandra and Irma.

Although Trancas and Barrancas have tried to take iron out of the matter, Pablo Motos has been left in shock, and has doubted whether or not to continue with the game. “No, but how much is he. I’m just scared now. I don’t know if he’s pretending or not.” The presenter of the program that is broadcast from Monday to Thursday from 9:45 p.m. to 10:45 p.m. has expressed with a very serious gesture. Antenna 3. Visibly nervous and without knowing what decision to make, Pablo Motos discovered that it was a joke of the ants, who have placed a syringe with water on Alejandra’s back.

Javier Gutirrez, as with the previous couple, has made a mistake when betting because Alejandra and Inma s are a couple in real life when in reality they are not. “What a scare he has hit me!” Pablo Motos has recognized when both women have left the set of ‘El Hormiguero’.


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