Monday, August 8

Pablo Motos ‘goes overboard’: “You can’t be happy if you don’t know your dark areas”

Pablo Motos has recovered its section ‘Overdoing’ to close the program for this Wednesday. The presenter of ‘The Hormiguero’ has reflected on the wickedness of the people and of those dark areas that every human being has.

“You cannot be happy if you do not know your dark areas, I started to do it and it was devastating”, has begun Pablo Motos, who has affirmed that “No one is innocent until proven otherwise” and that human beings tend to blame others for the problems and injustices that occur every day around the world. “It is naive to believe that human beings are good by nature”, has asserted in his criticism of the wickedness of mankind.

Through different examples, the host of the entertainment program of Antenna 3 It has brought to the table actions that people unconsciously do in their daily lives but that have a detrimental effect on other people. “We are functionally bad, we are attracted to evil and we almost always prefer it”, Pablo Motos has sentenced with words as direct as a bullet.

The best phrases of Pablo Motos

“The fault is always of the people, of the others”.

“They are all guilty except you, who when the cashier makes a mistake and gives you an extra five euros, you keep it.”

“No one will be saved if they could see us inside. It is naive to believe that human beings are good by nature. If that were so, the history of humanity would be different, don’t you think?”

“In the deepest part of us we are almost all, if necessary, envious, gossipy, false, miserable, traitors, unfaithful, selfish, profiteers, unjust, intolerant, class-oriented …”.

“The world is not as it is because of a bunch of evildoers that leads us to destruction, if they were only a bunch, we could beat them.”

“The truth is that we often look a lot like the one we don’t want to be.”

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