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Microsoft had to lie to hide the original Xbox when it was leaked | LevelUp

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The original Xbox debuted on September 15, 2001 in North America, but many months before there were already indications that Microsoft wanted to fully enter the market for video game consoles and the development of titles for these types of systems.

In reality, the Xbox project was an open secret in the industry, since various sources and media knew information about the console even before its official revelation in that iconic presentation by Bill Gates and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Thanks to the virtual museum for 20 years of Xbox, various anecdotes about the history of the brand have come to light. We now know that Microsoft fought the Xbox leaks and even had to lie several times to keep its console hidden.

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Microsoft fought Xbox leaks

The virtual museum tells of the first time that the existence of the original Xbox was leaked and the information reached the hands of the press. Back then Next Gen Magazine was the publication that revealed the first details about the project and the console as such.

Even the media contacted Microsoft to have more information about it. As you can imagine, the company did everything possible to hide its project and it did not come to light earlier than planned.

David Hufford, a member of the Xbox team, received phone calls asking about the console and Microsoft’s plans to enter the market dominated by Nintendo and PlayStation. His immediate reaction was to alert the entire team to the leaks.

“I hang up the phone, run down the stairs where the engineering team was, and say, ‘Oh my God, guys, I think we’ve been found out,'” Hufford said.

On the other hand, Seamus Blackley, known as the father of Xbox, was also questioned about the existence of the console before its official reveal. Like other members of the team, he had no choice but to lie about it.

“No man. I do not know what you’re talking about. What is Xbox? What are you talking about? I am the entertainment graphics program manager for Windows. I am working on API for 3-D FX video cards for Windows. [Le estaba] lying, ”Blackley said.

The father of Xbox confessed that when he said that he was in a warehouse working on the original Xbox development kits. The company never knew who leaked the existence of Xbox, but it does not rule out that some employees spread the word and revealed confidential information ahead of time.

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