Thursday, January 20

Mass Effect ‘Won’t Work’ As TV Series, Ex-BioWare Writer Says

Undoubtedly one of the news of the week is that Amazon Studios could be close to closing an agreement to produce a television series of Mass Effect, a project that has not yet been officially confirmed but that even BioWare itself said was a matter of time. While the terms of the adaptation are clarified and we discover things like whether Henry Cavill is involved or not, fans around the world are already making their judgments about the possibility of seeing this universe on the small screen; There are those who have been excited, but there are also people who have shown their rejection to a television series of this universe. One of them has been David Gaider, BioWare writer since 1999 until 2016.

Problems with the protagonist, the lack of interactivity and the companions

It is a good idea to convert the saga Mass Effect on a television series? Gaider has posted a thread on Twitter defending that no, that the BioWare saga will not adapt well to that format for several reasons related mainly to the amount of modifications that will have to be made in the story to be able to tell it in a “half passive” as is television. Basically the screenwriter defends that the virtues of both Mass Effect like Dragon Age fall on what the protagonist is “like a blank canvas” that the player can draw with his decisions, so it would be “a little weird” that he now had his own personality.

“To get started, Mass Effect and Dragon Age have a customizable protagonist (…) This television series should choose if the protagonist is a man or a woman. Boom, from the beginning, you just kicked out a lot of fans, “explains David Gaider in one of his first tweets, who has also alluded to the need to give prominence to the companions of the game, like Miranda Lawson or Garrus Vakarian, since they are responsible for much of the script of Mass Effect and they are with whom the fans establish a greater relationship.

Although on the one hand Gaider feared that the adaptation of Mass Effect television could end up being a “retreaded product that fans don’t need and will react badly to” By not reinterpreting the key points of the game saga, he also maintains some hope that those responsible have opted for a series instead of a movie, since it gives more possibilities in general. Still, he wishes luck to the showrunners because “they are going to need it.”

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