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I Napoleon, become the emperor in the new game from GMT Games

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The publisher GMT Games has announced the launch of I Napoleon, a title designed by Ted Raicer in which we will put ourselves in the shoes of the emperor as we try to recreate his successes and avoid his failures.

200 years after his death in exile on the island of Saint Helena, Napoleon Bonaparte remains a fascinating and controversial figure. More books have been written about Napoleon than about any other historical figure besides Jesus, and the debate over his life and his legacy remains intense: Savior of the Revolution or his destroyer? Law giver or tyrant? Great captain or foolish player? Symbol of the Romantic Era or the greatest product of the Age of Reason? Whatever his position in these discussions, Napoleon gathered in his relatively short life (1769-1821) enough events for a dozen lifetimes. It is an epic-scale story of a son of the Corsican gentry who rises to the heights of power before losing everything. It’s the stuff games are made of.

I Napoleon is a historical solo role-playing card game in which you step into the boots of Captain Bonaparte in the year 1793. Louis XVI has just gone to the guillotine, the Robespierre brothers control the fate of France, and all of Europe is He has united the French monarchists to end France, end the Revolution, and restore peace and security to the hereditary principles that have sustained society for 1,000 years.

As an ambitious but unknown young artillery officer, speaking French with a Corsican accent, you appear to be an unlikely agent of fate. Can you harness a brilliant mind, titanic energies, and sometimes terrifying charisma to make your mark on history? Or will you die as a footnote in French history?

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I Napoleon. A look at the new game from GMT Games

In I Napoleon, your destiny is in 220 beautifully illustrated cards, divided into three decks: Commander, First Consul, and Emperor. On a map of Europe in the early nineteenth century there are a series of boxes in which the events of your life and your career take place, along with several counters and tables to record the passage of time and the events that affect you and to France.

The decisions you make with the cards that are dealt to you will determine success or failure. You will have to manage politics, military campaigns, diplomacy and the domestic welfare of the French while you pursue the Glory. You will also have to manage your family, your wives, your lovers and your children, legitimate or not.

Your path can take you from the Americas to the Middle East, from Spain to Russia, from a throne to exile. You will be the target of assassins, coups and coalitions. You will face bad harvests and the plague, Wellington and Nelson, Kutuzov and Blucher. You will trust the elusive Talleyrand, and perhaps he will betray you, and you will unleash the secret police Fouche on your adversaries. As you progress, your options will increase, along with the stakes.

I Napoleon board

Lead your men into battle and risk ending your life soon? Sailing to Egypt or Ireland? Sell ​​Louisiana or send an army to hold it? Marry a Habsburg or a Romanov? Create the Duchy of Warsaw or revive the Kingdom of Poland? Invade Russia or try to pacify the Tsar? Each choice will affect your legacy.

But here there is not a single version of a life, but many. Each game will offer a different narrative, based both on the fate of the cast and the decisions you make. Additionally, you can start the game as a Commander, First Consul or Emperor, each with their own starting situation and challenges. The story is yours to discover, and the decisions you make can change the course of history.

I Napoleon has been designed by Ted Raicer, responsible for wargames like Senderos de Gloria, Barbarossa to Berlin or The Dark Valley.

GMT Games Responsible for the publication of Twilight Struggle, Dominant Species, or Commands & Colors has started the P500 of I Napoleon, so it is difficult to know when it will hit the market.

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