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How to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 4 online today – Paramount Plus, Pluto and Netflix information

You will enjoy the past when you watch Star Trek: Discovery season 4 online. The return of the Paramount Plus series begins with a great family phrase: Kobayashi Maru. But we received a report from a reader about another problem finding the program, see below in the section on Australia.

The season 4 premiere is titled Kobayashi Maru, and as you probably remember, that’s the name of Starfleet Academy’s typically unbeatable test. It is also the name of the civilian vessel in danger in said test, which prompts the cadets to try to save a ship that (without their knowledge) cannot be saved. Given that Star Trek: Discovery takes place before Star Trek: The Original Series, one wonders if we will learn more about the origins of the mission.

The official description suggests that they may actually be saving the original Kobayashi Maru: “After months of reconnecting the Federation with distant worlds, Captain Michael Burnham and the crew of the USS Discovery are dispatched to assist a damaged space station, a seemingly routine mission that reveals the existence of a terrifying new threat.”

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 will also explore the Covid-19 pandemic, in its own way. Specifically, through the lens of a massive anomaly that rips apart the galaxy and destroys everything in sight. This will be a huge test for Captain Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), who has recently found stability in his role commanding the crew of USS Discovery.

While Star Trek: Discovery was one of Netflix’s best shows internationally, it’s leaving this week and won’t be there for the new season. It’s annoying, it’s kind of a Paramount Plus exclusive, something that will push users into piracy one way or another (I got a South African reader on my Instagram DMs today, and I regretted their lack of decent options). Also on Paramount Plus, you’ll be able to catch South Park: Post Covid, once it opens in the US on Thanksgiving.

Why do I say “some kind of” exclusive to Paramount Plus? Den Of Geek reports that “Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 to begin airing on Pluto TV in the UK.” The series will arrive on November 26 at 9 p.m. local time.

Fortunately, Paramount Plus is on all the best streaming devices, so you don’t have to worry about accessing it. Unfortunately, Paramount Plus has yet to launch in broader European regions.

Check out this new preview clip from the show, revealing the Archer space dock, a little salute to Captain Archer from Star Trek: Enterprise.

How to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 4 online anywhere on Earth

Just because Paramount Plus isn’t available everywhere (and it’s expanding) doesn’t mean you should miss Star Trek: Discovery Season 4. Looking along with the rest of the internet can be quite easy. With the right VPN (virtual private network), you can stream the show from wherever you go.

We have evaluated many options and the best VPN is ExpressVPN. It meets the VPN needs of the vast majority of users, offering outstanding compatibility with most devices and impressive connection speeds. It is also affordable at $ 12.95 per month. (Registering for periods longer than six months or a year reduces the cost even more.)

How to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 4 in the US

Set phasers to… wait, no phasers needed here. Just download Paramount Plus right now. Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 1 arrived at 3 a.m. ET on Thursday, November 18.

The next 10 episodes, which run through the end of January 2022, arrive the following Thursdays.

How to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 4 in the UK

Pluto (according to Den Of Geek) will have Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery, starting November 26.

If you are visiting the UK from the US and want to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 4 when it airs on Paramount Plus, you can simply use one of the best VPN services such as ExpressVPN, so that your device appears to be at home.

How to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 4 in Canada

Canadians can watch Star Trek: Discovery season 4 with a subscription to Ask for. The episodes should arrive at the same time as the US.

Crave has a 7-day free trial. After that, the Movies + HBO package costs $ 19.98 CAD per month.

If you are an American traveling abroad and want to use your Paramount Plus subscription, you will need to search for the best VPN services.

How to watch Star Trek: Prodigy in Australia

Well, this is awkward. We thought that since Australia has Paramount Plus, our friends in Australia might watch Star Trek: Discovery Season 4. A report from a reader explains we assume wrong. Australians are what’s more waiting for the release of this series. Bad form, Paramount Plus.

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 characters and cast

  • Sonequa Martin-Green como Michael Burnham
  • Doug Jones como Saru
  • Anthony Rapp como Paul Stamets
  • Mary Wiseman como Sylvia Tilly
  • Wilson Cruz como Hugh Culber
  • David Ajala as Cleveland’s “Book” Booker
  • Blu del Barrio as Adira Tal
  • Ian Alexander como Gray Tal [Recurring]
  • Chelah Horsdal as President of the Federation [Recurring]
  • David Cronenberg as Kovich [Special guest]
  • Oded Fehr as Charles Vance [Special guest]
  • Tig Notaro as Jett Reno [Special guest]
  • Tara Rosling as T’Rina [Special guest]
  • Kenneth Mitchell [Special guest]

So there’s everything you need to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 4 on Paramount Plus, which is still trying to find ways to be a must-have. Check out our top streaming service rankings to see which services we recommend.

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