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Hot January in Madrid

El Real Madrid He has a tough December on the pitch and a hot January in the offices, with many important decisions to make for the future. On January 1, 2020, the whites already put the signing of Alaba on track for this season and in 2021 they will have to make very similar decisions with a bunch of important players who also finalize their contract. First, Mbapp. Later, Pogba and Rdiger, footballers who are free and who will be delighted to join the white team.

Madrid must also make decisions that affect players of the current squad and that they will not see badly going out in January. Jovic It is the clearest example, but there are other players open to leaving the club if a good proposal comes along, like Mariano.

January is also a month in which work will begin on important renovations such as that of Vinicius and in which departures of some legends will be outlined, such as Marcelo, Isco O Bale, that just contract.

Mbapp, the first

Goal by Mbapp (0-1) at Manchester City 2-1 PSG

The machinery with Mbapp has been running for years, but the decisive moment has arrived. From January 1, Madrid can act freely with the French. In 35 days you will be able to talk to the player face to face, without hiding movements, and with the clear objective of signing a contract. At Madrid they expect Mbapp be the first signing of next season, the flagship of the new sports project and the player that illuminates the launch of the new Santiago Bernabu Stadium.

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Madrid tried his signing last summer, offering, according to the white version, 200 million euros. The operation was not closed because PSG does not sell, but now the ball is on the player’s roof. If Mbapp wants, play for Real Madrid. The PSG renewal offer is on the table, but Madrid’s official proposal will arrive in the first days of January and the feeling right now at the Bernabu is one of optimism. Mbapp has endured two years without renewing and it seems difficult that he is going to fall into the temptation of the petrodlars just over a month after being free to go to Madrid.

However, it will be a financial engineering operation, since a contract like Mbapp’s, with all its edges, is not easy at all. It does not seem that Madrid is going to make an offer to PSG for the winter market, a possibility that was on the table as a friendly gesture of respect to the French club.

Cracks that end contract: Rdiger and Pogba

Premier League (J1): Summary and goals of Manchester United 5-1 Leeds United

Madrid have to make a decision with two players who have just finished their contract and who dream of playing for Real Madrid. They are the cases of Rdiger (Chelsea) y Pogba (United), footballers who fit for quality in the transfer policy of the white club. Cracks at zero cost, beyond the important chip that these players would have to pay for being free agents.

PogbaIt’s no secret, he wants to play for Real Madrid. You will love to join with Benzema and Mbapp, if he ends up signing for the white team. For quality and position in the field, he fits, but there are doubts in the white team with the French international. The player’s cache is very high, Raiola He is not a simple representative and in the technical direction there are those who think that the arrival of Pogba will go against the interests of two young bets such as those of Camavinga and Valverde.

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Rdiger is also on the radar. The player still does not reach an agreement with Chelsea to renew his contract and is an interesting footballer to strengthen the center of the defense. Alaba and Militao are the future in that demarcation and Madrid would be interested in another alternative, but there are doubts about the player’s salary. The net 12 million euros that he will be asking for are seen as too many, since they do not see him at the height of Alaba.

Departures in January: Jovic? Mariano?

The Madrid don’t lose sight of the winter market either. But not to make signings, but to give exits. Jovic could ask to leave the Real Madrid, as he did last year to go to the Eintracht, and Mariano could study an interesting offer. The forward of Dominican origin was already close to going to the Vallecano Ray last summer, but finally did not take the step. Also the Valencia the tante, although in the end the final offer did not arrive and the transfer was not completed.

Vallejo He is another player who is barely playing and who would not look down on leaving Madrid, although it is true that Ancelotti does not want to weaken excessively in this winter market and will try to make him stay. Mind you, I have already made it clear that he has never held a player against his will.

The renovations of Vini, Militao …

The renewal of Vinicius It is another of Real Madrid’s priorities for 2022. The player ends his contract in 2024 and has one of the lowest salaries in the squad, so it will be up to the white team to roll up their sleeves. Vinicius is right now one of the best players in world football and his cache has skyrocketed in recent months. At 21, Madrid is aware that it has to protect it, although the player’s Madridista sentiment facilitates the operation.

There is no nervousness because Vinicius He has shown many signs of his Madridismo, he has never asked for a salary increase, he has rejected the offers that have come to him and he only goes through his mind to continue at Real Madrid.

Militao is another footballer who is on the list of players to review contract. At Madrid they are delighted with his performance and the idea is to shield him and give him confidence with a longer contract. Kroos, for his part, ends his contract in 2023 and Madrid studies he could do as with Benzema and sit down with him before the end of the season and extend him until 2024.

The departures of Marcelo, Isco, Bale …

There is little to do here, just wait for the season to end to fire three players who have been instrumental in the recent golden age of the Whites. Marcelo, Isco and Bale They finish their contract and the club try to get them to say goodbye in the best possible way, although the Gals footballer is doing very little on his part.


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