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Halo Infinite faces criticism for progression of samurai armor event

Halo Infinite allows players to take the first steps in this new and ambitious project by launching the beta of its free multiplayer, which is available on both PC and Xbox Series and Xbox One. While this facet of the title has been very popular with players, there are something that hasn’t quite convinced them: his battle pass and slow progression. Although 343 Industries have promised that they will review this aspect of the game, these faults have been noted in the samuri armor event.

Halo Infinite: of samurai and battle passes

The multiplayer of Halo Infinite is, so to speak, all that players could expect from this iconic saga: in the impressions that we wrote in Vandal, we emphasized that we liked its accessibility, its gunplay, the pace of the games and even the map we were able to play on. Ingredients that make this game what the players were longing to get their hands on.

But there is a problem: your battle pass. Their cosmetic items haven’t convinced the players, and the progression is too slow. Those two pillars are the only factors that are tarnishing the experience of Halo Infinite; otherwise, it aims to be that return to the roots of the saga that had been indicated months ago. From 343 Industries they have promised that they will get to work with it after a short break, but the issue remains unresolved.

What happened to the samuri armor?

While 343 Industries has made some adjustments, the event to get the samuri armor has been a clear reflection of the problem which has the multiplayer progression of Halo Infinite. The event kicked off this week and rewards users with a dazzling samurai-style set consisting of 16 pieces of armor. The problem? As you might guess, the players are demanding too much to get hold of this set.

The activity itself consists of 42 challenges spanning six weeks, doing a total of 7 challenges per week. Of all of them, it is necessary to have completed at least 30 challenges to “pass” the event and receive this set. The time required to achieve the armor is too high, and that has led fans to voice their complaints.

The timing is being the biggest problem here– Multiplayer progression issues need to be addressed, but at the same time the 343 Industries team is on a hiatus. Despite all the Halo Infinite community manager Brian Jarrard wanted to make it clear that this will be a priority to be solved by the team … but they also need to rest: “The changes will take time and our priority this week is to give the team a well-deserved rest. after a long final stretch. Thanks for your understanding“.

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