Sunday, December 5

Fanatec presents its official Gran Turismo 7 steering wheel, which will cost 700 euros

Fanatec ha official fact your Gran Turismo DD Pro flyer to arrive to celebrate the launch of Gran Turismo 7; the game launches on March 4 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, while the flyer will launch that same month – with pre-orders opening tomorrow, November 26. It is available in several models, the most affordable by 699,95 euros, while the Gran Turismo DD Pro Premium Bundle that includes Boost Kit 180 and CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit reaches 969.85 euros.

The steering wheel includes Fanatec’s Direct Drive technology, which promises greater precision through the force feedback transmitted directly to the motor shaft, without other parts affecting its movement. Its base model offers 5Nm of torque but the most expensive packs reach 8Nm. The standard version includes two pedals, but can be upgraded to a third with the Load Cell kit.

Regarding its appearance, we find LED lights on the part of the steering wheel, OLED screen and the usual PlayStation buttons. Of course, although it is designed with Gran Turismo 7 and Gran Turismo Sport in mind, It will also work on PC and other PS4 and PS5 games, and even Xbox consoles if you use an alternate steering wheel.

A Gran Turismo that recovers classic modes and circuits

Gran Turismo 7 bring a campaa clsica where players can purchase vehicles, customize their different parts and participate in championships with specific regulations. On our advance we tell you more about the Polyphony Digital driving game: “From the beginning Gran Turismo 7 has been touted as the fusion between traditional Gran Turismo and the best of Gran Turismo Sport“.

Gran Turismo DD Pro official Gran Turismo 7 steering wheel

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