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Death penalty for subject who distributed The Squid Game in North Korea | LevelUp

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Regardless of the ideology on which they base their operation, totalitarian governments will never be a role model and even less for their radical actions in situations that, from the perspective of other cultures and societies, should not be a reason for punishment. Unfortunately, North Korea has given the note again, this time for the terrible penalty that a person who shared the series will suffer The Squid Game de Netflix.

Death penalty and penalties for seeing The Squid Game in North Korea

According to a report by Radio Free Asia (via Kotaku), the North Korean government sentenced to death a student who obtained an illegal copy of The Squid Game and shared it with his schoolmates. According to the report, what happened was that this person bought a USB that contained all the chapters of The Squid Game, a series that is part of all the prohibited content in North Korea, and faced with the possibility of breaking the law, he and 5 other students saw it at their school.

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A law prohibits viewing content from capitalist countries

Unfortunately, someone found out what had happened and notified the authorities, who acted immediately by arresting the young people. Upon investigation, it was decided that the student who purchased the USB with The Squid Game He will be executed by firing squad, while the other 5 comrades will face 5 years of forced labor.

However, this does not stop there as all the school’s administrative staff and teachers were expelled and face a process that could lead them to work in mines for the rest of their lives.

The radical decision that will cost a person his life to see The Squid Game It obeys the Law for the Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture, which indicates that it is forbidden to view content from capitalist countries such as the United States and South Korea. This law also makes it clear that whoever is responsible for the display or distribution of this type of content will be sentenced to death.

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