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Clockwork Aquario, the return of a canceled game, launches November 30

ININ Games has confirmed that Aquarium Clockwork will launch on November 30 on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, at least in Spain and the rest of Europe -in the United States it will do so on December 14-. As we told you at the time, this is a game canceled 30 years ago whose code was obtained by Strictly Limited and, in collaboration with the original creators, they have completed development. We show you his new trailer

The title stood out for some very surprising graphics for the time and also allows cooperative between two players. Originally it would put the Sega System 18 arcade board to the limit, but development dragged on and the rise of 3D forced its cancellation in 1994; was designed by Ryuichi Nishizawa, creator of Wonder Boy/Monster World.

“Jump and run through a colorful fantasy world, grab and throw your enemies, hit several at the same time to get a multiplier and get your highest score! You can also play with up to two friends, you will collaborate to finish him off! Dr. Hangyo or you will try sabotage others to get the best score? “say its creators.

With art gallery and music by Shinichi Sakamoto

Aquarium Clockwork It is not a modern game that mimics the classics, as is the case with other modern releases, rather it is a little lost gem with a classic design and pixel-art. Keeps your sound band by compositor de Westone, Shinichi Sakamoto, and fans can enjoy an art gallery with illustrations and other material of this rarity.

In addition to its distribution on the eShop and PlayStation Store, it also has some physical and limited editions for sale only on the Strictly Limited Games websiteAlthough the more affordable ones are already out of stock and can only be purchased in one of the two collector’s editions.

Clockwork Aquario launches November 30 on PS4 and Switch

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