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China imposes rules on Tencent and prevents it from updating more than 100 games and apps | LevelUp

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Tencent is one of the companies with the most power and presence in the industry, so it is not uncommon to know that it has hundreds of games in its hands. The company faces once again the government of China and its measures related to video games, since now it cannot update dozens of titles or launch new applications.

According to recent reports, the authorities of the Asian country prevented Tencent from releasing updates for its already available games, as well as releasing new applications or titles, at least in mainland China.

The reason? The government determined that Tencent violates some rules related to user rights and data protection. So an investigation and an approval process will be necessary for the authorities to lift the temporary measure.

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Tencent games run out of support by Chinese government

Thanks to Games Industry We know that the measure affecting Tencent is temporary and only affects mainland Chinese players. According to the information, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology yesterday ordered stores and platforms to prevent Tencent from making changes to its games and apps.

Because of this, the Chinese giant cannot update more than 100 games or launch new titles on major platforms. Given this, Tencent issued a statement explaining that all its products continue to work without problems despite not being able to receive updates.

In addition, it stated that it regularly cooperates with government agencies to “ensure regulatory compliance.” It is estimated that more than 100 titles and 70 applications were affected by this government move which is nothing new.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has been monitoring since last year that video games and applications comply with data protection rules, related to the type of information that products collect from their users.

Tencent’s apps and games will now have to go through an inspection process before being released and reaching consumers.

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