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Child of Light has a new ‘great adventure’ on the way: More news coming in 2022

Patrick Plourde, creative director of Child of Light, has revealed on his personal Twitter profile that there is a new project on the way related to this acclaimed video game. According to his message, Thomas Rollus, art director at Ubisoft, has given the go-ahead for the “next great adventure” of Aurora and Igniculus, the two protagonists of the title originally published in 2014. No further details have been given, but Plourde assures that we will have more information in early 2022.

“Fans of Child of Light, I just wanted to let you know that Thomas Rollus has just submitted final approval for the the first gran aventura of dawn e Igniculus. You can expect more news early next year, “says the creative director of the game in his latest tweet. Of course, for the moment there are more unknowns than certainties: it is possible to imagine that it is a new video game, although we also know that Ubisoft was preparing an adaptation of Child of Light to television, a project that we have not had news about since 2018.

The creative director did not think that a sequel to Child of Light it was possible

Patrick Plourde himself revealed a couple of years ago that he had been working on a new game of Child of Light, even if it was a prequel instead of a sequel. It will be about two friends, “two protagonists who will follow different paths in their lives with different motivations, connected by their friendship”, commented. However, at that very moment he recognized that he saw it difficult to make that project a reality because don’t think it was “the kind of game Ubisoft wants to make”. Now it seems that the company wants to bet again on productions like these, although we will not leave doubts until the beginning of 2022.

Child of Light It was originally released in 2014 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, WiiU, and PC. Four years later it was also released on Nintendo Switch. In our analysis we told you about him that “because of his graphics, his music, his entertaining development and the curious and elaborate combat system, Child of Light you can enjoy it from start to finish. “

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