Sunday, December 5

A director who censors Horner and is not Toto: “You cannot lose respect for everyone”

Andreas Seidl, the former boss of Carlos Sainz in McLaren, censors the attitude of Christian Horner, both in his attack on Toto Wolff, like a track commissioner, whom I called dishonest in Qatar. “I think some of the comments we’ve seen in the last few weeks, not something something I could have imagined. I think it is very important, and it does not matter if you fight to win, or if you are the last, that you always respect the competitors, the FIA, F1 … “, points out the German in a statement in ‘’.

Despite his words, Seidl may come to understand that the tension of this World Cup can play tricks. “If you look at everything that is happening right now, it is clear that there is a lot at stake. It’s different from the battles we’re further back in, and obviously it’s great to some extent for fans and for show, because in the end all this is also entertainment “, says more conciliatory, although he makes it clear that McLaren “I would never have let go of rositas after saying something like that”, seala.

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