Thursday, January 20

Xbox sends surprise gift packs to random fans for its 20th anniversary

Xbox celebrates its 20th anniversary in style by sending gift packages to various fans in a completely random way, although it seems that as a requirement You must be previously registered for the Xbox Fanfest. According to reports from VGC, the gift package includes a Elite Wireless Controller for Xbox Series X / S with motives of Halo Infinite and one piece of glass It comes standard with a light, the anniversary logo stamped and the player’s name engraved. From Xbox they have also improved the backward compatibility of classic titles and released the multiplayer of Halo Infinite.

In addition to the gifts mentioned, the package also includes a special note. “As we think you are part of Xbox 20 Years, we are giving you this FanFest 20 Years of Xbox Keepsake Kit. This is a limited edition kit, created for randomly selected Xbox FanFest fans to commemorate our journey from past, present, and future as an Xbox community. We have included a 20 year old crystal from Xbox. This is recorded with your gamertag. We extend our gratitude to him for being part of the Xbox community, the reason for this trip, “the note explains.

Xbox appreciates the support of fans

“November 15, 2021 not only means celebrating 20 years of Xbox, It is also a celebration of 20 years of Halo. Celebrate in style with the Halo Infinite Limited Edition Controller. You are one of the first to receive this command that has not been released yet. We look forward to having you as part of the Xbox community as we continue on our journey.. We will include the next 12 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on our own, “he concludes. In addition to this fantastic gift, Xbox has prepared several content of interest to players apart from what we mentioned at the beginning as the documentary that aims to take a look at the history of the company.

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