Monday, January 17

Xbox launches virtual museum that explores the history of each console for its 20th anniversary

Xbox makes available to users an interesting virtual museum interactive that allows explore and learn about the company’s history from its inception with the first Xbox released in 2001 to the present day with Xbox Series X / S. This new initiative by the company is part of the celebrations it is carrying out on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. In fact, in this same virtual museum you can see first-hand a curious document written by a Nintendo of America executive that is neither more nor less than Nintendo’s rejection letter to Microsoft.

A nostalgic fan journey that explores the hits and misses of Xbox

A very curious fact about this museum is that it allows players to explore their personal game history if they sign in with their Xbox account, a detail that many will appreciate and that will probably generate a strong feeling of nostalgia. The virtual museum has different virtual spaces in which to navigate and has a most striking menu in which we can click on each of the consoles launched so far for more information about them. The saga Halo It also has its special space because it is also 20 years old since its creation.

Microsoft is not ashamed of its past and in some sections we can investigate some critical moments of Xbox such as the crisis of 2007 that threatened the continuity of the brand just when it launched Xbox 360 because of the dreaded red ring of death that appeared on the console to indicate that it was faulty. This setback forced the company to spend billions of dollars to repair and replace faulty systems, a fact that nearly wiped out the company. Of course, other key moments that were very important to Xbox and that have helped it to be one of the main references in the sector.

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