Monday, August 8

Wronged Us, an open world horror game where we will explore an abandoned city

Wronged Us is one of those horror games that lovers of the genre probably want to have on their radars. It is developed by the Delusional Studios team and aims to launch in Spain and around the world in 2023, both on PC and consoles (although the platforms have not been specified). We are before an exploration and open world title, spiced up with realistic graphics that will try to make our hair stand on end. This week we got a look at his trailer and images, as well as his first details. We tell you everything under these lines … so go fasten your seatbelt.

Wronged Us wants to be your next worst nightmare

Described as a third person game, Wronged Us takes place in an open world setting in which the story will take us to a small abandoned town. Betting on a very cinematic touch, players will have to explore this scenario and face all the horrors that cross their paths: from puzzles to monsters, psychological terror will be the main ingredient to make our hair stand on end.

The developers indicate that users will have full freedom to explore the different areas of the city, as well as to interact with the NPCs that we will find in this location. In the trailer we can see that it is a disgraced place, at least, inhabited by all kinds of characters: from some who seem allies, to true monstrosities.

Players will travel to an abandoned city that they will have to explore

On the other hand, between the influences who have been responsible for shaping the project, we find Dark Souls for open world design and NPC missions: “You will not have any user interface that tells you where to go, whether you have started, finished or failed a side mission.” On Silent Hill they have been based to design history and the atmosphere; while Resident Evil has given them playable mechanics.

In its official website we can also read that the game is still in a very early stage of development. Although they have been working on it for almost a year and a half, the truth is that it has faced several redesigns until it reached the product at hand. In fact, it was originally planned to be released in 2022, but its creators have opted for delay its debut to 2023. Under these lines you can find the gallery of images.

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