Sunday, January 23

What Voice and Vote left: debate between Pablo Carro and Soher El Sukaria over the agreement with the IMF | Politics | The voice of the interior

This Tuesday a new Voice and Vote program was broadcast, the political program of Córdoba with the leadership of Federico Giammaría and Florencia Ripoll.

In the first block, the deputies Pablo Carro, from the Frente de Todos and Soher El Sukaria, from Together for Change, were invited as guests, who staged a crossroads for the possible agreement between the national government and the International Monetary Fund.

While Carro said that he prefers “not to have an agreement” than for it to contemplate “adjustment” and pointed to former President Mauricio Macri as responsible for the heavy debt; the macrista deputy expressed that she “did not know” the terms of the agreement and said that the debt that Macri took was to pay that which was contracted during the government of former president Cristina Fernández.

Later, the ruralista leader Gabriel De Raedemaeker, from the Argentine Ruralist Confederations (CRA), said that “the meat will continue to rise” and explained the reasons. In addition, he expressed his opinion on the government’s control of exports.

Later, in an interview about the attack on the Clarín newspaper building, the journalistic director of La Voz, Carlos Jornet, described the incident and said that “it is very worrying” while asking for a prompt clarification.

At the end, the Bajo Palabra with Juan Manuel González and Mariano Bergero commenting on the details of the relationship between the elected senator Luis Juez and the head of Government of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

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