Tuesday, January 25

The studio responsible for the effects of The Lord of the Rings works on a video game

Weta Workshop, the studio responsible for the special effects of films such as the The Lord of the Rings, Avatar O Shang-Chi just announced that its games division is currently working on a new project related to “a great license of international fame”.

A mysterious project

In fact, the studio is looking for a producer and in the job offer the following can be read: “We are looking for a producer to help us develop the most cutting-edge games. Our next PC release will be based on an incredibly rich and inspiring license. to enchant fans and players around the world. Sounds interesting?”.

The studio is based in Wellington, New Zealand, and although the offer seems to only refer to a PC release, the truth is that they also mention that the producer candidate “help Weta launch her next game on PC and consoles“, so it is expected that it ends up reaching multiple platforms.

Here it should be noted that Weta has not announced the project officially and that all information related to it comes from this job offer. Considering that they have already worked on The Lord of the Rings And that Amazon is working hard to release a new series of this license next year on Amazon Prime, it would not be surprising that it is a related product with which to enhance the brand, taking advantage of its predictable and renewed interest on the part of the public.

Be it one thing or another, we will still have to wait a while to be able to get out of doubts and confirm the nature of this new video game. We will inform you as soon as we know more about him.


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