Monday, August 8

The Platinum trophy on Xbox? Microsoft is studying including an equivalent in the future

The Platinum trophy is the one that the most persevering gamers get once they complete 100% of the PlayStation games. In addition, it helps us to check the percentage of users who have been able to completely finish certain games – for example, 39% had achieved this badge in Spider-Man at the end of 2018 -. Now Microsoft notes that it is studying the possibility of adding a similar equivalent in the Xbox ecosystem. Jason Ronald, director of project management for the green house, has spoken about it on the podcast Iron Lords.

Xbox can enjoy its own Platinum

While on Xbox players also have achievements to unlock while playing, the truth is that they do not get any recognition for completing 100% of the games in this catalog. Jason Ronald assures that are taking note of user comments, and it is possible that in the future the Redmond firm will also add this type of award for its most committed users.

“We have taken note of those comments,” Ronald began by pointing out. “Achievements are interesting because everyone plays differently. So, I know we stop to think about … how do we reward people for playing the way you want and the games you want?” In this sense, Xbox is studying how to reward each of these types of players based on your preferences and playing styles.

Xbox wants to find a way to reward every type of gamer

“There are some players who just prefer to play multiplayer. What are we doing to reward them and show progression and things like that?“Ronald questioned, listing some of the types of users found in the Xbox community.” And then there are other people like me, where I’m a completionist and literally want to complete everything within a game. “

“Then it’s a question of balance, but it’s definitely a topic we’ve heard some feedback on. We have nothing to announce today, but definitely is among our priorities as we continue to move down the path before us. “This is not the first time that Xbox has taken notice of what PlayStation is doing: Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, even considered the possibility of upgrade your console controller to DualSense style.

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