Thursday, January 20

The Mega Drive controller for Nintendo Switch is already on sale in Spain

Nintendo Spain announces through Twitter that the new wireless controller for Sega Mega Drive designed to take full advantage of the 16-bit console titles available in the Switch Online Expansion Pack catalog can now be purchased exclusively from My Nintendo Store At a price of 49,99 . As we pointed out, the command is specifically designed for those who want to enjoy the classics of Mega Drive as they did in the past; Can also be used as a Pro controller for other games, although compatibility is somewhat more limited.

The remote that reaches us in Europe is the three-button remote, unlike the six-button remote that will be marketed in Japan, although it is a minor detail that should not worry us since the titles included in the catalog can be played in perfect conditions with both. . The Mega Drive controller is completely wireless and This is a very faithful replica in design and button layout of the original released decades ago, something veteran players will greatly appreciate. Nintendo highlights that up to two controllers can be connected at the same time on the same console to enjoy those games that support local multiplayer.

Exclusively for Switch Online subscribers

The controls of Sega Mega Drive can only be purchased with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and orders are limited to four controllers per Nintendo Account; Each package contains a remote with its respective charger. The catalog of the legendary Sega console in the Expansion Pack is somewhat limited at the moment, although it is expected that Nintendo will expand it over time to add others. games highly demanded by the community.

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