Wednesday, June 29

The Last of Us: The HBO series suffers a new leak and confirms scenes on horseback

In the absence of showing official content, the series The Last of Us is gradually being seen through leaks directly from the filming set of the fiction of Craig Mazin to be available on HBO. We have already seen on several occasions Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey filming several sequences that will make up that first season of the reinterpretation of the work of Naughty Dog in serial format, and now another very brief moment has been leaked, in which it is confirmed that the university chapter of the original video game from 2013 will be present in front of the cameras of the person responsible for Chernbil (2019).

The leak has been collected from the Twitter account tlounewsmedia, specialized in The Last of Us and with enough material from the filming of the series. To tell the truth, it is not that you can see too much, but as we said I know that it would be practically clear that the moment of that university will be present in some way and that probably we will see Joel and Ellie on more than one horseback ride during the series. And more considering that the HBO script does not strictly follow the entire plot of the game directed by Neil Druckmann.

In the same account that we have mentioned, you can also see other videos in which Joel and Ellie, as we said, explore more terrain on horseback.

Quite a few references, but there will be a lot of changes

Let’s remember that although we have seen sequences that refer directly to the original story so far, the script of the HBO series will take many liberties, as many as is required to pass The Last of Us to a serial format and adapted to the cinematographic field (in terms of storytelling). In fact, not long ago we informed you about the signing of the actress Natasha Mumba to play a original character of the series: Kim Tembo, of whom we still do not know anything.

The Last of Us There is no release date set for HBO yet.. For now, this 2021, the series is going through its filming phase, so that until 2022 we may not have any confirmation on when we will be able to see the fiction in streaming.

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