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RUMOR: PlayStation Plus will offer these attractive games in December | LevelUp

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Leaks related to PlayStation Plus are increasingly common, so it is already common to know the list of games of the service shortly before its official reveal. Fans found alleged clues to one of next month’s titles, but now the alleged full lineup of games has come to light.

There is reason to believe that the leak is real and accurate, as it comes again from Dealabs, where the playlists for PlayStation Plus for the most recent months have been leaked. Despite this, Sony has not confirmed the titles for December, so the information is a rumor for now.

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Leaked PlayStation Plus games for December

According to the details, PlayStation Plus users will be able to get in December one of the first games that arrived on PlayStation 5 and that later also had a launch on PlayStation 4.

We refer to Godfall, which would be available to users of both consoles. The game would come to the service in a new edition whose content has not been revealed for now.

There would also be good news for lovers of the Souls genre, as Mortal Shell It would be another of the PlayStation Plus games that would be available to PlayStation 4 users. Finally, there is a title for fans of the DC universe.

It would be about LEGO DC Super Villains that allows you to be one of the iconic villains of the company and do all kinds of misdeeds. As we mentioned, the list is for now a rumor, but it is very likely that it is the final one.

PlayStation is expected to share official games for service very soon, so we’ll update you here as soon as it’s available.

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