Wednesday, August 17

Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl players find plenty of bugs

Pokémon Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl, the remakes of the fourth generation set in the Sinnoh region, debuted last Friday with very good numbers despite the fact that both video games they have numerous bugs and graphical errors that tarnish their beautiful artistic section. Apparently, the updates that accompanied the games at their launch have not been enough to fix all the problems reported by the leaks of those players who acquired a copy before the official launch. According to reports from Polygon, most bugs are funnier than annoying, although there are others who could jeopardize the progress of our game like the recent Pokémon cloning method.

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Some of the most useful objects that we can get as we advance in our adventure such as the Solar Stone have a strange operation, and it is that this object serves to evolve some plant-type species such as Gloom or Sunkern, although as we can see in a video the game allows Pichu to evolve, something totally out of place. Other minor bugs that we can find are related to our accompanying Pokémon; Although it was a function highly demanded by fans of the series, it has not been fully implemented by the development team and there are times when our companion appears on surfaces that should not be.

Another batch of glitches related to Hidden Move Pokémon

On the other hand we find other failures with the Pokémon that we use when activating a hidden movement. For example, video shows us how a Bibarel is able to surf in the air when it should be doing it in the sea. We imagine that The Pokémon Company and ILCA will be aware of all these errors and that they will solve the errors in future updates, although in the meantime we have some funniest videos. If you have acquired Shiny Diamond Pokémon O Shimmering Pearl remember that you are at your disposal our complete guide to know all the secrets that Sinnoh hides as well as tips and tricks to advance.

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