Thursday, January 27

Microsoft Office 2021 confirmed to be released the same day as Windows 11

Windows 11 is easily the most exciting new software Microsoft will release this year, but it is not the only new release the company has planned.

We already knew that Microsoft planned to release a new standalone version of Microsoft Office around the same time as Windows 11. That time turns out to be the exact same day, October 5, 2021.

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This could be a significant upgrade to the standalone version of Microsoft Office, which continues to be a mainstay in the workplace thanks to the inclusion of ubiquitous productivity applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It’s probably about time too: the most recent standalone version, Microsoft Office 2019, was released three years ago in September 2018.

Now, thanks to the confirmation of The edgeWe know that Microsoft plans to introduce a revamped version of Office alongside its new operating system. It’s not yet clear how much Office 2021 will cost, but it’s probably a safe bet that it won’t stray too far from Office 2019’s starting price of $ 150.

As for new features, we already know that Microsoft Office is undergoing a big makeover for Windows 11 that incorporates Fluid Design principles that give Windows 11 its rounded, signature-focused look. That makeover includes aesthetic details like smooth corners and customizable Office themes, as well as handy features like presence indicators in Word documents where you collaborate with others, so you can see your cursors and edits in real time, just like collaborate on Google Docs. .

An animated look at Microsoft Word’s new dark mode in action, courtesy of The edge (Image credit: Microsoft via The Verge)

Additionally, The Verge reports that Microsoft today released a major update to Microsoft Office for its business customers through its long-term Microsoft Office service channel, serving businesses with PCs that have not been updated for years. That variant of Office introduces new features like a Dark Mode option in all Office applications, new dynamic matrix functions in Excel, a new Line Focus view mode for reading Word documents line by line, and more. While we can’t say for sure that all of these new features will also debut in the consumer version of Office 2021 launching next month, it seems highly likely.

Of course, many people no longer buy standalone Microsoft Office – they subscribe to Microsoft 365, the subscription service (formerly known as Office 365) that provides access to mobile, downloadable, and cloud-based Office applications for a starting price of $. 10. / month for home use or $ 5 / month per user for business use. Microsoft 365 prices are projected to increase in 2022 for all business and business users, so it seems quite likely that the company will incorporate all the new features coming to Office 2021 in Office 365 applications as well.

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