Tuesday, January 25

Men of War II, announced for 2022 • Console and Dashboard

Men of War II, from 1C Entertainment and Best Way, already has an official announcement. Many fans of the first installment, which took us to World War II, with real-time strategy involved, were crying out for it. His pleas have been heard and will arrive next year on PC, via Steam.


What can this new installment offer that the first one did not already have? The answer is clear: more different and specialized units, ending with one of the Achilles heels of that first title, more chaos and destruction and a greater fidelity to history.

This sequel will use all of this, along with a notable visual and sound improvement, something basic for this type of game. Now, to win in each combat, we will have to prepare a military strategy at the height of each battle. The ambushes and the placement of our various troops become more important.

We will experience encounters on both the western and eastern fronts, with the possibility of enjoying epic single-player campaigns or intense and stressful, as well as fun, multiplayer.

With a total of three sides to choose from, 45 battalions and 300 vehicles, will implement growth thanks to demographic accidents such as bridges, rivers, forests or even buildings. The fight in big cities, house by house, will be accompanied by a great devastation of the maps that we will find. Men of War II It will arrive in 2022 on PC, through Steam, ready to improve the shortcomings of the first installment.


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