Wednesday, August 17

Men of War 2 Announced: Its Historical Strategy Coming to PC in 2022

Ukrainian studio Best Way has announced Men of War 2, sequel to this veteran strategy saga that debuted in 2004 with Soldiers: Heroes of World War II -although the first Men of War It was launched in 2009-. The title takes us back to WWII with two playable campaigns on the Western Front and the Eastern Front: as Allies or the Soviets. We show you his first trailer.

The campaign can be play solo or cooperatively with four players. 5v5 multiplayer offers a mode to compete as Allies, Soviets or Germans in skirmishes and challenge maps, as well as the ability to play alongside opponents controlled by artificial intelligence.

One of its mechanics allows you to view combat from a unit’s point of view and focus on the character at any time to upgrade, change or repair equipment on the fly. We will need to constantly adjust the front line to choose the position of the units well, break the defensive lines and advance on the maps that are controlled by the enemy, dig trenches and support the troops that have gained a territory.

Released in 2022 for Steam and “other stores”

Finally, Best Way has highlighted the great emphasis that is being placed on historical precision, something common in this type of game, and that include some battles of World War II that are often forgotten, such as the Falaise Stock Exchange – an encirclement that the Allied forces subjected to the Germans in Normandy in August 1944 – and Operation Bagration – the general offensive of the Red Army to destroy the German Army Group Center during that same summer of 1944. -.

Its release on PC is scheduled for next year and will have full support for mods. Steam has been mentioned but also “other stores”.

Men of War 2 announced for 2022

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