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Meet ITORAH, metroidvania inspired by Mesoamerican culture | LevelUp

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It was a matter of time for video game developers to turn to Latin America and its historical richness, finding inspiration for new projects. Of course, there are great exponents in the region, but there are also developers from other parts that are doing the same and this is the case of Grimbart Tales, a German study in charge of ITORAH, game created with the influence of Mesoamerican culture.

ITORAH is inspired by Mesoamerican culture

Through a press release, Grimbart Tales revealed that its 2.5D action platformer, ITORAH, It already has a launch window and it will be in spring 2022 when we can enjoy it on PC. According to the project description, ITORAH is a metroidvania with art designed by hand and that seeks to represent the elements of Mesoamerican culture with color and respect.

ITORAH, a game with charming art design

A metroidvania that bets on the historical richness of the region

On ITORAHYou take the role of the protagonist that gives the game its name, who has seen the disappearance of all humanity in the world of Nahucan, being the only survivor. Apparently, a plague is responsible for the entire disaster and threatens to destroy all forms of life and nature.

The affront is clear and Itorah will take control of his talking ax to face the plague and the dangers that loom over Nahucan. This game will take you to explore different biomes, each one with a special design and different challenges. In them, you will have to combine skill on platforms with combat skills to get ahead and discover what happened.

In this regard, Artur Backer, artist, creative director and co-founder of Grimbart Tales, said: “I can promise you. Behind the many layers of color is a deep, emotional and dark story that will appeal to players of all ages and abilities. will leave you curious for more. Our goal is to create similar experiences for future generations and allow room for older generations to revel in nostalgia. “

Finally, the developer shared a new video trailer of ITORAH:

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