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Matt Goldman, veteran creative director of Dragon Age, leaves BioWare

Matt Goldman’s career as creative director within BioWare offices has just come to an end. He has been part of the company since 1998 and was immersed in the development of Dragon Age 4, a game the study said was “progressing very well.” However, this week he has decided put your feet out of the company after reaching a “mutual agreement”. At the moment, it has not been specified who will replace him in the position.

Matt Goldman of BioWare

BioWare CEO Gary McKay, who this summer announced that he wanted to restore the studio’s reputation after the blow of Anthem, has been in charge of sharing the news. In an email sent to the studio staff, McKay described the current situation of the development team: “I am writing to inform you that Matt Goldman dejar BioWare. We have mutually agreed to part ways, and your last day is today. “

Goldman set foot inside the BioWare offices in 1998, and has worked as an artist on games ranging from Baldur’s Gate until the first games of Dragon Age. Following his collaboration with Ensemble, where he shaped games like Halo WarsIn 2017, he assumed the position of Senior Creative Director for Dragon Age 4. The game, it should be noted, has undergone a series of redesigns and changes of direction.

“Matt Goldman dejar BioWare”

How will your output affect the production of this fourth installment? For the moment, that uncertainty remains in the air. “We understand that Matt’s departure has an impact on you, as well as the development of the game,” continues McKay. “Rest assured that our commitment to launch a game of Dragon Age high quality has not yet been met, and nor we will release a game that does not meet BioWare standards“.

“We, including the EA executive team, we have absolute confidence in the leadership here in the study and in the people who work in this game to carry out our vision “, concludes McKay his statement. A representative of Electronic Arts has offered to Kotaku the following statements: “Matt Goldman no longer works at BioWare. Leave the next set of Dragon Age in excellent hands, with the team that is in the study that carry forward our vision of the game. “

The latest rumors pointed out that Dragon Age 4 It will be an exclusive game of the current generation, PS5 and Xbox Series, so it will not debut on PS4 and Xbox One. Regarding its launch window, again we have to rely on rumors: they indicate that it will not debut until 2023.


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