Friday, May 27

Mass Effect: Amazon is in negotiations to make a TV series

Mass Effect It was one of the great trilogas of a decade ago, and it seems that the action role wants to return in style. In addition to the good reviews of the collection Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and the completely new project a series produced by Amazon could be added, as reported Deadline. Was this what the actor Henry Cavill had hinted at?

Of course it is not the first time that the universe of Mass Effect an attempt is made to adapt to another format. A movie was announced in 2010, but the production was never heard from again until this year BioWare made the obvious official, that Legendary Pictures had abandoned the adaptation. Apparently one of the problems was the difficulty in telling a good story in 90 or 120 minutes. This summer the studio assured that a movie or series would be a matter of time.

However, it seems that Electronic Arts and BioWare have found a solution, the same one that Sony came up with with The Last of Us: a series. “Amazon Studios is close to closing a deal to develop a series based on the hit science fiction video game”, says Deadline about the fiction and fantasy of Amazon Prime Video, which has released The Wheel Of Time and in the future present the one inspired by The Lord of the Rings. “You will see us investing in the genre of fantasy of all styles, we have a team focused on this genre that works tirelessly with our creative partners, you can expect more. [adaptaciones de fantasa]”, comenta Jennifer Salke de Amazon Studios.

The Expanse is over, and Mass Effect will be its replacement

The science fiction of Mass Effect could be the replacement for Amazon Prime Video in the genre for The Expanse, soon to start the sixth and final season.

What we do not know is whether, if the agreement is made official, we will see a series based directly on the adventures of Commander Shepard or new characters set in a completely original story. Other options would be to use the foundations of the next game or, much less likely, to continue the story of Mass Effect: Andromeda, a game that did not achieve the majority support of the fans.

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