Wednesday, August 17

Introduced Civil Defense: Bunker, union between hidden roles and survival • Console and Dashboard

TARCA Creations of life a Civil Defense: Bunker, a board game that is preparing to start a campaign to seek financing in Verkami. It will resort to hidden roles and a constant struggle for survival.


As the publisher points out, Civil Defense: Bunker proposes us to stay alive in the apocalypse. It does not refer to dangers from outside, but to those inside the shelter, more lethal than a nuclear threat.

It will take the form of challenge between 3 and 6 players, 45 to 60 minutes long. Indicated from the age of 16, competition promises to be as present as cooperation, in an experience defined as “highly immersive”.

With those hidden roles as the core mechanic, absent-mindedness will play a key role. It will offer a new hidden action mechanic and high replayability, while at the same time placing great importance on freedom and decision making. Of course, with its consequences …

As a curiosity, we are facing one of the 21 finalists of the VIII Verkami Dau Barcelona Protogame Contest. Although he did not get the award (awarded to Amstel), had its own table to be shown to the attendees of the Dau Barcelona 2021 Festival.

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