Thursday, January 20

Icarus is the first game to feature Nvidia’s new “Infinite Scrolling Volumes” ray tracing

See how this new ray tracing creates the stunning environments of Icarus in this new video.

Ray tracing, or the technology that simulates the behavior of light in real life, has been around for a while. The use of global ray-tracing lighting to illuminate a virtual world is also nothing new, although only next-gen consoles and the latest video cards can handle the technology. And that is the problem. Ray tracing is great, but it’s new, and like all new technology, we’re still finding ways to improve it.

Fortunately, the folks at Nvidia are a skilled bunch. DLSS already allows gamers to play 4K games at reasonable frame rates, and now Nvidia has a new technology that will greatly reduce the resources required to implement ray tracing globally.

It’s called “infinite scrolling volumes” ray-traced global illumination, and it will make its debut in RocketWerkz’s upcoming cooperative survival game, Icarus.

As Icarus points out in a recent developer update‘Infinite Scroll Volumes’ uses ray tracing to constantly update the volume of Global Illumination lighting around the player as they move through the world of Icarus. This effectively provides an ‘infinite’ volume of global illumination for the player without requiring a large amount of memory to store an infinite number of illumination probes’.

What this means is better lighting for the player no matter where they look. You can see this in action in the latest video from Nvidia, which also shows off Icarus’s stunning scenery. Sandy desert, snow capped mountains, rocky tundra, mist-covered valleys, tropical oases, lonely plateaus, and more look amazing in various lighting states. In addition to natural lighting, you can also see how infinite scrolling volumes handle forest fires, caves, and glacial caverns made of translucent ice.

You’ll still need an RTX-compatible video card for ray tracing to work, of course, and RocketWerkz still recommends an RTX 3060Ti to get the most out of Icarus. But thanks to Nvidia’s new infinite scrolling volumes, Icarus should have the best lighting of any game to date.

As for Icarus himself, the game was delayed a bit from November until its new release date of December 4. You can reserve the game. and Steam to receive a 10% discount.

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