Saturday, October 1

I Made My Smart Home With Hive’s Black Friday Sale, And You Can Too

The Black Friday sale season brings discounts on just about everything from desktops to game consoles. Personally, I have tried to keep my shopping practical, which is why I bought five month old dog food in one go.

It’s also why I spent most of my Black Friday budget updating my home’s smart heating system. All thanks to Hive’s Black Friday deal, which reaches up to 25% of a wide range of smart home devices.

With the arrival of winter, I decided that my house needed a heating upgrade. Specifically, I needed the ability to control the temperature of the individual radiators, beyond the numbered valves which only offer an approximation of the amount of heat I will get. I wanted full temperature control in every room, and Hive’s Black Friday deal has been happy to please me.

Right now, Hive is selling its smart thermostat system with 25% discount – that means you’re paying $ 74.25 instead of the usual £ 99 price. On top of that, the price of the hub, which you need, is £ 60 instead of £ 80, and the professional installation is £ 64 instead of the usual £ 70.

Meanwhile, the individual smart radiator valves 20% discount, saving you almost £ 11 from the usual RRP of £ 54. The three- and five-pack packs, which already save you money by buying in bulk, also enjoy the same discount, costing £ 111 and £ 159 respectively.

This is how I ended up spending £ 358 on a smart heating system, and that completely destroyed the budget I had already set aside for potential Black Friday purchases. Not that I’m complaining, given the cost of energy in the UK right now, any tools that help me prevent waste are worth having.

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Hive has more than just smart heating systems for sale. You can also get up to 20% discount smart security, smart lights, and motion sensors for the next six days. Those offers even include a crazy 50% discount on Hive View indoor security camera, which is now available for just £ 89 instead of the usual £ 179.

The best part? All Hive devices are compatible with Apple’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit. So no matter which ecosystem or voice assistant you prefer, these devices can be linked.

So if you were thinking of adding some smart tech to your home, it’s worth seeing what Hive has before its Black Friday sale ends on November 29. And, if you have any cash left after buying some of these smart gadgets, be sure to check out a few more UK Black Friday deals and see what else has taken a price cut.

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