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“How can you be so short-minded?” Willyrex defends NFTs and the community rages | LevelUp

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For better or for worse, it is undeniable that the video game industry and other technology sectors are beginning to look with great interest towards NFTs, the unique digital goods that can be sold for a lot of money. Of course, high-profile celebrities have also dabbled in this new practice, and internet personalities like youtubers and streamers are no exception.

Recently, the successful and popular Spanish youtuber Guillermo Díaz Ibáñez, better known on social networks as Willyrex, showed his interest in NFTs and began uploading many videos to his secondary channel, which has more than 18.7 million subscribers, games and applications that are governed by these non-fungible tokens.

While the content creator began exploring these topics earlier this year, it wasn’t until last week that the controversy exploded on social media after he sold an NFT collection for close to $ 15,000 USD.

Willyrex is rained down by criticism on social networks

Certainly, the content creator spared no effort to try to justify the use of NFTs. For months, he has done nothing more than claim that these digital assets are a revolution and have many benefits for artists who want to profit from their works.

As might be expected, some users on social networks showed their support for the content creator and his decision to enter this new market. However, another sector of the community did not hesitate to express their anger and assured that it is extremely dangerous for a personality that has literally millions of followers to address these issues.

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Great personalities from YouTube and Twitch from Spain and the world joined the contest. Surprisingly, mixed opinions also emerged in this sector. There were content creators who defended Willyrex’s actions, while others did not hesitate to strongly criticize him.

Faced with this violent wave, the 28-year-old Spanish content creator uploaded a lengthy 14-minute video where he addresses the criticism and once again defends his position. There, he explains the benefits of NFTs and disproves some of the alleged risks. Likewise, it is justified by saying that, according to YouTube’s metrics, the majority of its audience is of legal age.

Likewise, Willyrex spoke at length on this subject in a Twitter thread, in which he states that, in the future, he will laugh at those who criticize NFTs at the moment. “I don’t know how you can be so short-minded when everyone is yelling it! Facebook, EA, Ubisoft, most soccer and esports teams already have or will have,” says the content creator.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Do you agree with Willyrex? Let us read you in the comments.

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