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“He left us for his girlfriend”: Adam reveals why Upset left Fnatic at Worlds | LevelUp

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During Worlds 2021, Fnatic announced that Elias “Upset” Lipp would have to leave the competition due to family problems. At the time, the news took everyone by surprise, but most fans respected the player’s decision. Now top laner Adam Maanane has come out to tell his side of the story questioning his partner’s motives.

In a TwitLonger, Adam confirmed that he will not continue with Fnatic the following season and, in passing, took the opportunity to talk about the factors that caused his break with the organization. Apparently one of the most important was the Worlds 2021 incident, which seriously affected the team’s performance and ended with their elimination in the group stage.

“Upset’s departure is totally unjustified because, as of today, he hasn’t told us why he really left,” Adam said. “Upset left us to go with his girlfriend because she felt bad being alone. Maybe I’m wrong but that was the last thing he told us the day before Worlds. “

“Obviously, I asked for the details later, but no one knew the exact reasons for his departure. There was nothing urgent because otherwise he would have told us. Personally, I don’t mind respecting their privacy when I’ve worked all year to get to Worlds, and even the Fnatic management doesn’t know about it, ”he added.

In addition, Adam explained that Fnatic tried to replace him without notifying him and, to top it off, Upset personally tried to recruit Barney “Alphari” Morris behind his back, for which he feels betrayed. “I have fond memories of my entire adventure at Fnatic, it’s just that it ended in a very unfortunate way. I am leaving because I cannot tolerate what is happening ”, he commented.

At the moment, Adam is officially without a team. We’ll see if the transfer market allows him to find a position in the LEC and return to the ring.

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