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Fans Revive Servers and Online Play of Various PS3 Titles | LevelUp

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PlayStation 3 marked a whole generation of gamers, so it is not uncommon to know that the console is still active and has many users today. Unsurprisingly, Sony has gradually withdrawn support for the system, causing several of its most important games to lose their online functionality.

Several fans of the console and its catalog joined in a project that seeks to reactivate in some way the servers and online functions of various games. The interesting thing is that it has worked and several titles can now be enjoyed again with players from all over the world.

However, it is important to mention that this is an unofficial project, so neither Sony nor PlayStation are involved in it. For this reason, its future is uncertain, since it is possible that companies impede its progress for obvious reasons.

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Project revives servers and online game functions for PS3

Various players came together to create the initiative PS Online Network Emulated, which seeks to reactivate the online functions of various games for PlayStation 3. As of this writing, the project has already progressed to the degree that Killzone 2, MotorStorm and Warhawk they have servers again.

To do this, they reverse engineered the console’s online protocol, which allowed them to emulate servers for games. His goal is that a greater number of titles are reactivated and all PlayStation 3 users have access to the services in a simple way.

“Despite the age of the games, there are still people who want to play online. Some love to be reminded of the old days, others want to enjoy games that simply do not have an equivalent counterpart on more modern consoles, “commented the group of fans.

Using this project is simpler than it seems, since you only need to make some adjustments in the network configuration of the console. To avoid any kind of claim from Sony, the group offers everything for free and does not accept any type of payment.

On the other hand, they assure that the project is a simple hobby, so they are not remunerated and it will take a while to add more titles to the list of compatible games.

“We want to bring as many games back online as possible and at least replicate the feature set that it had in the good old days. If possible, we will also add new features such as integrations to messaging services or an overview of web-based activity, ”added the players.

For now, neither Sony nor PlayStation have commented on this initiative, so we do not know if they will take action on the matter to stop the project in any way.

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