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Fail! Xbox shares letter that gives an account of its attempt to buy from Nintendo | LevelUp

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Xbox’s foray into the console sector began with all possible naivety because despite being an idea conceived in a giant company like Microsoft, there was no definite way to make it a reality and even less in a market dominated by Japan with Nintendo, SEGA and Sony PlayStation. Before even thinking about having a console of its own, Microsoft thought of other possibilities, such as making a deal with a company that already had it made and in the distant 1999 they tried to buy from Nintendo, as demonstrated in a recently released letter.

Xbox wanted to buy from Nintendo and it was no joke

On the occasion of 20 years of Xbox, those who lived the history first hand have shared endless anecdotes that account for the challenges and difficulties faced in creating and developing the brand. Many of them were presented before the creation of the Xbox concept and as part of the material that Microsoft’s games division has shared is a letter that gives an account of Nintendo’s purchase intention.

The document, which contains a mark that does not allow you to see all of its text, since at the end it is classified information, is signed by Rick Thompson, then vice president of Microsoft hardware, who contacted Nintendo of America to make an appointment with Hiroshi Yamauchi, the legendary president of Nintendo, and Genyo Takeda, one of Nintendo’s talents in hardware.

Xbox trying to buy Nintendo in 1999

Microsoft wanted the Dolphin (GameCube) to be their console

The document explicitly showed Microsoft’s intentions to reach an agreement with Nintendo to have control of the new console they were developing, the Dolphin that we would later know as the GameCube, to make it the “best console of all.” At the time, October 1999, Microsoft thought the solution to their idea of ​​having a console was as easy as buying a reputable company in the industry and getting their hardware.

The result? It is known that the meeting took place and the people of Nintendo spent an hour making fun of Microsoft representatives, situations that became a constant for Microsoft and the Xbox team, who thought that it was enough to offer a lot of money to creatives and companies from Japan to get their hardware and games and thus be able to compete in the market.

20 years of Xbox have been celebrated in a big way and here at LEVEL UP we did the same with a special article for its 20 years.

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