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Do you want all the cosmetic content of Halo Infinite? Prepare more than $ 1000 USD | LevelUp

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The multiplayer launch of Halo Infinite has been well received by the community and by many FPS players who have been left homeless after the debuts of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042. Being a free-to-play proposal, this multiplayer appeals to monetize its content through purchases of cosmetic content, however, one detail has attracted attention and has annoyed fans.

The multiplayer of Halo Infinite faces his first controversy

The immediate availability of multiplayer from Halo Infinite It opened the door to comprehensive review by enthusiasts who are always looking for details that have any present or future meaning in games. However, this time they found something that caught their attention and that is that they discovered that the entire cosmetic content of the first season of Halo Infinite It will cost $ 1035 USD.

The above after a user shared information that accounts for the existence of more than 80 packages of cosmetic content in Halo Infinite with the following number of items and their price per unit:

  • 21 items of $ 5 USD
  • 43 items of $ 10 USD
  • 16 items of $ 15 USD
  • 13 packages of $ 20 USD

Criticism was immediate from some players of Halo Infinite, because they consider that 343 Industries is breaking their word, in addition to pointing out that the game, with campaign mode, has a normal price in current standards, so it is not a proposal that requires this type of payment to survive. In the same way, the prices of cosmetic content have been considered exaggerated and worse still, it has been criticized that it is content that can only be purchased by paying and not playing.

So far, 343i has not responded to this controversy, but there may be changes in this regard as the company and Xbox have shown that they know how to listen to their audience.

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