Tuesday, July 5

Destiny 2 now has a mental health kit to improve the well-being of Guardians

This kit is packed with loot that will aid the Guardians on their journey.

It’s winter during a pandemic, and that combined psychic hit can be pretty tough on a player’s mental health. Yes, there are many resources online, but what if you wanted a more specific, Destiny-centric approach to improving your mental toughness?

Enter Guardians Mental Health, a New York non-profit organization “focused on promoting mental health awareness and meaningful resources throughout the gaming community.” Guardians MH was started in the Destiny community and has since expanded to the wider gaming world with a verified Discord, an ambassador program, and partnerships with other gaming charities. They also offer free mental health kits to help players through tough times.

Those kits used to be pretty generic, but now you can get a mental health kit designed specifically for Destiny fans. It’s officially licensed by Bungie and packed with great Destiny 2 illustrations and tips for the Warden in distress.

“Inside this kit, you will find various loot items to aid you on your journey through the cosmos,” reads the introduction to the Guardians MH kit. These items and consumables will be added to your inventory. Use them to help take care of yourself when you need it most.

You can get the Guardians MH kit both in physical form and online. The physical version comes in a decorative package with tons of brochures, posters, and even a notebook, while the PDF version it has all the same things in an easily accessible online format. But you don’t get the card signed with the online version, which is a lovely touch.

In the kit you will find a Guided Guardian Meditation, Player Training Plan, Destiny 2 Mindfulness Coloring Book, Safety Plan, Gratitude Inventory, “Box Breathing Technique” (which is a pun on the sniper advantage in the game), as well as other stress management tips.

There is also a QRL for Destiny Item Manager, which is a proven app that helps prevent Guardians from being overwhelmed by the in-game item vault.

The Guardian MH Kit is 100% free, so download it today to help support your mental health. And, according to a new study, you can also improve your mental health by playing games. Just say.


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