Tuesday, January 25

Así luce Devil May Cry V en Steam Deck

Although some of us continue to hurt the delay of Steam Deck and we are going to be unable to enjoy this Christmas of the new portable console of Valve, that does not mean that the company will stop showing us various promotional materials With which to continue taking a look at its performance and operation.

Devil May Cry V and Steam Deck

Not in vain, Capcom just released a video to show us what one of his most acclaimed titles in recent years looks like on this device. We speak, of course, of Devil May Cry V, the excellent hack and slash with which Dante has returned to the top of the industry.

In this way, we can take a look at the hardware again and how we will have to place our hands to hold the machine and comfortably reach all the buttons that requires an adventure of these characteristics. And all this while we watch Nero, Dante, Vergil and V slaughter demons with total fluidity.

All About Steam Deck

As we said before, Steam Deck was initially scheduled for release in December, although It was eventually delayed until February 2022 due to problems in the global supply chain that are hitting a multitude of industries and driving up the prices of many products.

It will be about a portable console that allows us to play all Steam games anywhere. It can already be reserved and three different models are offered: 64 GB for 419, 256 GB for 549 and 512 GB for 679. If you want to know all its details, we recommend that you take a look at our complete special report, where we tell you everything you should know about this device.


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