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Asensio-Rodrygo, the duel to enter the trident

Marco Asensio took advantage in Granada of the door that opened Carlo Ancelotti in the eleven of Madrid. He did it with a goal that reminded his gallops that seem so distant in time, those that destroyed the Bayern and they threw him into the clouds.

Ancelotti has made it clear, with facts, that he wants to recover Asensio. That you need him. What is the rebel from the Balearic Islands waiting to fight Rodrygo the only place between questions in a front in which the ownership of Vinicius and Benzema it is non-negotiable.

With the force caught in Granada Asensio arrives in Tiraspol. Yes Ancelotti It puts him back in the eleven, being the first time this season that he has three titles in a row. He was in the eleven before Lightning and repeated before him Granada, two games in which his version was several points above the bland one he had shown in all his appearances this season, except for the game against Mallorca with his three goals.

What a good Asensio can give this Real Madrid offers few doubts. Even being far from the game and goal indicators before the injury, Marco has left streaks of his left-handed power. Dropper, but in a team that before Vinicius I had no partners for Benzema in attack, Asensio added more than the rest.

‘Premiere’ in Champions

At the moment, the white 11 has not started yet this season in the Champions League. Of the four games, he has only been on the field in two and almost symbolically: 12 minutes against him. Shakhtar the Kiev with all said and one in San Siro. It is a very poor balance for a player who is on the good wheel of the team.

With eight goals in his 41 games in the Champions League, Asensio has not scored away from home in Europe since his goal against Ajax in February 2019, even with Solar in front of Madrid. Since then, he has signed three European goals, all in Madrid: Ajax, Atalanta y Liverpool.

Hand in hand with Rodrygo

With Rodrygo healthy, the advantage in that band has been so far for the Brazilian, who has earned it based on performance. Ancelotti’s message did not vary due to the match of Asensio in Granada. “He has started and is complying with what I ask of him. There is a lot of competition, the important thing is that he complies when he plays. He has played well, he has scored and has shown his quality,” he said in Los Crmenes. More or less, the same thing he explained after the triplet to Mallorca.

With Bale always in the medical part and Hazard unable to signal that he can be counted on, the square on the right wing has become a heads up between Rodrygo and Asensio.

The presence of Lucas Vzquez in that part of the attack before him Shakhtar At the Bernabu, he only has a route if the first two are injured or far from the minimum required by Ancelotti.

Although the sensations are that Rodrygo has been more important than Asensio In this first stretch of the season, reality says otherwise: five starts for each one; 15-13 in games played for the Brazilian; 4-2 in goals for Marco; tied assistance (one) and almost in minutes (551 for the Spaniard and 526 for the Brazilian).

That is why each game, every chance is gold in that fight for entering the trident with gallons of holder. In the field of Sheriff that duel is also played.

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