Tuesday, August 16

Ancelotti embroiders it, but plays with fire with Vini and Benzema

El Madrid from Ancelotti it starts working like clockwork and solves the game against the Sheriff with an exercise of impeccable efficiency. The white team looks good, which is solid and lately always has moments of brilliance throughout the match. Carletto, in addition, is already clear on his eleven gala, with Rodrygo on the right, although he will not be able to repeat against Sevilla because Alaba was injured. For there the Italian coach can have problems if he does not start to distribute breaks or make changes before. That Friends and Benzema they will play the full game being resolved at halftime …

The real strength of Madrid, however, will begin to be measured from Sunday, with the visit of Sevilla. Then they will come Athletic, Real Sociedad, Inter, Atltico… A demanding schedule that will tell if Madrid is ready to fight for everything this season or not.

Another work of art by Kroos

The German scored the second goal of the game with one of his house-brand shots. I received a pass from Rodrygo, he profiled to his right side and put the ball in the square. Goal with suspense, because the ball hit the crossbar and bounced very close to the line. Kroos saw clearly that it was a goal and the referee’s watch even more so. His wrist vibrated and he validated the German’s statement, which is going through a spectacular moment.

Alaba’s signing seems like a fiction

Get a player like Alaba for 0 euros it is nothing short of a miracle. Yes, you have to pay the token, the commission to the agent, maybe a transfer bonus … It doesn’t matter, it’s still cheap. The Austrian has adapted to Madrid from the first minute and already has stripes to even take fouls. The leader in the field and has not weighed the ‘4’ of Ramos or Hierro. What’s more, he wears it with pride and continues to value it. His goal was essential to level the game.

And while Madrid wins, Bale’s agent raja

Jonathan Barnett He reappeared in Madrid to say that Bale’s treatment of the fans has been disgusting. The controversial representative threw the bomb and was so wide, attacking once again a crowd that if he has finished getting tired of the gals it has been because of his attitude and lack of professionalism. In this case, moreover, he is wrong, because the Madrid fans this season have not treated Bale in any way. Among other things, because many do not even know that the gals is in the Madrid

While Bale’s agent cracked, his Madrid teammates were in Transnistria playing against the Sheriff and on track to go to the round of 16.

Ancelotti has it clear

Ancelotti He has a dress eleven and he showed it to the Sheriff. And in that team is Rodrygo ahead of Asensio. Marco came to score against Granada, but the coach bet on the speed of the Brazilian, who signed a great game. In that gala eleven, Militao is ahead of Nacho and Casemiro, Kroos and Modric are untouchable. Those, Carletto He has a group of 15 trusted men who will allow him to make specific changes, although not massive rotations. Valverde, Asensio, Nacho and Lucas are his other starters, although to this day not on big nights.

You have to change before …

Alaba He left injured and it is likely that he will not be able to play against Sevilla and that he will miss another game. We will not blame Ancelotti, but it is true that with 0-3 on the scoreboard he could have started to make the changes earlier. Players like Benzema, Modric, Vini or Alaba are so important that you have to put them in a ballot box as soon as certain are resolved. Let us remember that Madrid is coming now: Sevilla, Athletic, Real Sociedad, Inter, Atltico de Madrid …

Casemiro, little caught

With 0-3 on the scoreboard, housemiro It crossed his mind to force the yellow card to go free in the second round. And what he did was ask Ancelotti in the band if he executed his plan. They hunted the cameras and thank goodness that Carletto forbade it, because UEFA persecutes and punishes all these behaviors for considering that they go against fair play. Next time, better talk about it in the locker room.


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