Tuesday, January 18

Agreement between the FEB and Lucas Mondelo not to hold the trial for the dismissal of the former female selector

EThe trial to be held this morning in the Madrid Social Courts for the complaint of former women’s coach Lucas Mondelo to Spanish Basketball Federation and its president Jorge Garbajosa, did not occur when both parties arrived to an intermediate agreement in the positions of both parties, that they had to give in their initial claims for this to come to fruition.

The technician considered that his dismissal after the Tokyo Games had been void and requested his reinstatement or full payment of the three-year contract that remained to be fulfilled. And the Spanish Federation maintained that the dismissal had been due by availing themselves of one of the clauses of the coach’s contract, which includes the possibility of dispense with it if the objectives are not achieved sports that featured in it. And this summer Spain fell in the quarterfinals in the European and in the quarterfinals at the Games, staying out of the World Cup next year.

Finally, at the request of the Judge, both parties, represented by Jorge Garbajosa, president of the FEB, and by Lucas Mondelo’s lawyer, who followed the confrontation virtually from Japan, where he is training, reached an agreement giving in their initial claims. Ace, the former Spanish coach will not be reinstated in his position, but will receive approximately one of the three years of contract that he had still signed, as reported to BRAND Radio sources of litigation.

Pending civil lawsuit against the players

The civil lawsuits that the former Spanish coach filed against Marta Xargay and Anna Cruz remain to be resolved. Mondelo sued both players for damage to their honor and false accusations, both being admitted for processing, but they still do not have a date for their celebration.


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