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90-day boyfriend: Evelin reveals the real reason Corey keeps coming back

All in 90 Days: Fans of The Other Way call Corey Rathgeber a simple for staying together with Evelin Villegas no matter what. Evelin tells him why he does it.

As Corey Rathgeber and Evelin prepare to marry a second time in 90 day fiancé: the other way, she revealed why he keeps coming back to her all the time. When Evelin and Corey returned to 90 day fiancé with TOW season 3, not many expected his story. Fans knew that Corey and Evelin were already married and Jenny’s drama made things more complicated. Evelin was criticized for cheating on Corey when they broke up while she was crying for wanting a divorce because he was dating Jenny. But even after all of Evelin’s rude behavior and hypocrisy, Corey refuses to let her go, causing fans to call it plain.

With 90 day fiancé: the other way Heading into their season finale, Corey and Evelin are finally in a good place. But Evelin still hasn’t stopped thinking about divorce. She wants her wedding to be performed by someone who has no religion, since involving God would mean “’until death do us part.”A good second option for Evelin is to have her own sister Lesly officiate because of her importance in her life. But Corey and 90 day fiancé Fans are aware of Lesly’s dislike of him. After all, who could forget penis soup? It seems like Evelin is trying to escape the second marriage by hook or by crook.

And although Corey knows his wife very well, he seems willing to have her heart broken once more. Amid her hint that she and Corey wouldn’t be together on Instagram, Evelin still posted BTS photos of them with their wedding planner. A fan called them «dysfunctional coupleAnd he scoffed Evelin for continuing to marry Corey even after the «total collapse after he broke your trust.“A different fan agreed that Corey should have stayed with Jenny since they can’t take Evelin’s abuse. But Evelin apparently thinks it’s because she’s not your typical sweet girl, Corey would never let her go. «This man wants me and loves me, accept it now«Evelin said to the 90 day fiancé viewer blatantly.

It seems like the TLC fan saying Jenny is a kind girl who cared for Corey more than Evelin could unleash the Ecuadorian woman. «Men don’t want a sweet girl, men want a woman who moves their world”Evelin explained. She claims that men like Corey want a woman who is great in bed and that this keeps them looking for her. «There’s a reason why it comes back alone every time«Evelin said to the 90 day fiancé critic perhaps giving a sign that they are really together again now and may also walk down the hall in an upcoming episode.

Throughout your 90 day fiancé: the other way story, Evelin has become someone who wants to be with Corey just for his money. Fans believe that she never loved him, which is why she constantly berates him and insults his affection. That’s why when Corey found someone who loved him, they expected him to leave Evelin for Jenny. But if Evelin is to be believed, Corey is too blinded by her love and might have gotten involved with Jenny to perhaps bother her. Meanwhile, Evelin’s words also describe their relationship as a toxic disaster and make one wonder if she wants Corey herself as much as he wants her.

90 day fiancé: the other way airs Sunday nights at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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