Tuesday, January 25

Xavi has a notebook but cannot score goals




En what can be demanded of a coach, there is little to recriminate Xavi in ​​his first two games. The team has improved in many facets of the game, it follows all the principles that identify the Bara of the modern era … until it reaches the last third of the field. Ah the deficiencies weigh down a team that will have to look for the machado in Munich or wait for a Ukrainian miracle in Lisbon.

Perhaps it is time to say that Depay cannot be the main responsible for the goal in a team like Bara or that the quarry is exciting but it doesn’t have a punch either. Surez and Messi left and with them Bara’s punch of the last ten years vanished.

Hope is a Dembl as talented as it is fragile and intermittent. Example of the enormous deficiency that the Catalan club has in the area of ​​the field where the matches are decided. And in that Xavi can already put into practice his best notes that there is no turning of the page. The problem has a difficult solution.

The Camp Nou held its breath with the goal, at the exit of a skull, of Otamendi. The goal put Bara in a very delicate situation but the play ended up being canceled because the ball came out on the throw of the crner and returned to the field of play. There was no clear repetition and nobody can say that that ball went off the field … and neither that it did not. Until images appeared that confirmed the success of the referee.

Araujo was the novelty in the Barça defense occupying the right side in a line of three centrals. The Uruguayan is a beast in individual duels. Their power and physical superiority reduce rivals to their bare minimum. No one could beat him on this European night.

iron He touched the first goal with a spectacular shot from the peak of the large area that ended up crashing into the crossbar. Because of how the maneuver and hitting was, more than one had a flashback of those wonderful years with Rosario’s. They are other times but plays like this recover the illusion of the Camp Nou.

Nico continues to leave footballer marks with capital letters. The ‘boom’ of Gavi has made him stay in the background but his benefits improve in each game he plays for Barça. It does a lot of things, and most of it well. He still lacks a shot but shows he has plenty of football to get a hole in this Bara.

Depay He seems like a great team forward but he is not. He is a good footballer, there is no doubt about that, but not a figure on which to put the differential player poster. It is a complement, but not the star on which Bara must base its scoring ability. Against Benfica he returned to sign a disappointing match, in addition to sending a couple of good chances to limbo.

Xavi knows what he can give Ousmane Dembl his Bara cannot be offered by anyone else in this squad. The French winger generated more danger in half an hour than Bara in the rest of the game. Its presence is capital in this Bara. Nobody has his depth, capacity for imbalance and resource in the auction.

The match of Nicols Otamendi, to their 33 to, made a scandal match at the Camp Nou. He multiplied in surveillance and his foot always arrived in time to block a shot from a Barça player. In the final minutes I saved a sung goal from Dembl. A player of race who showed that the DNI is not always important.


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