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Wise Guys, the world of prohibition by the hand of GF9

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Gale Force Nine has announced the publication of Wise Guys, a board game set in Prohibition Chicago. Master smuggling and manage to maintain the territory in this bidding and zone control title

Wise Guys is a board game designed for 3 to 4 players, with games lasting approximately 90 minutes. Players take on the role of Chicago gangster bosses, as they compete to control as much of the city’s black market resources as possible.

Over six rounds, players will take turns going to the locations in the city represented by the cards that make up the board. Different locations provide access to materials, cash, or influence that the player’s gang members can “acquire” through trade, profiting from property within their territory, or exploiting parts of the city under the control of a rival gang.

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All players must maintain some discretion, as selling too much in one round will attract unwanted attention or saturate the city with liquor. And your fellow gangsters will not be very happy with the loss of profits.

Wise Guys, cunningly use your resources to become the master of Chicago

A player who knows the strengths and weaknesses of his gang members will be better able to use his talents in the city. Some “Made Men” will excel at applying physical pressure to grease to make business go smoothly or make a problem disappear, while others may use their charisma and connections to negotiate a better deal than threats might offer.

Each Wise Guys game will play out a little differently thanks to randomly placed locations. Each game begins with access to the City Hall and hospital, a distillery, an emergency room, and a weapons factory.

The Roaring 20s cards will introduce new complications each round. Carefully crafted plans can be blown away by an honest cop or the surprise election of a new crime-tough mayor. Taking the blows, or anticipating them, can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Chicago gangs may be rivals most of the time, but Wise Guys creates a space for players to exchange money, weapons, and liquor at any time and for any reason.

Wise guys cover

Wise Guys has been designed by Phil Yates, also known for the miniature games Flames of War and World of Tanks. Game illustrations and cover design are provided by Darko Stojanovic, whose previous works include the card game Vampire: La Masquerade Rivals and the 4th edition of the fighting game Arena Deathmatch.

The editorial Gale Force Nine has a long history of licensed board games, including board titles from Firefly, Sons of Anarchy, Homeland, and Doctor Who. The company has released three of the Dune games coming out in 2021: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy, Betrayal, and the CHOAM and Richese expansion.

In a press release, Gale Force Nine noted that Wise Guys It has been kept “secret” for a long time and marks the beginning of a very intense year. In addition to not indicating the specific launch date, more than a brief one soon, it is not clear if this title will be the only new board game that the company will publish in 2022.

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