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Tim Sweeney was one of the developers who asked for an SSD for the PS5 | LevelUp

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One of the advantages of the next generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, is the use of solid state drives, which not only reduce load times, but also allow larger amounts of data to be moved quickly to that the action does not stop on screen. The decision has been well received by gamers, but it was also a wish fulfilled by the developers, as revealed by Mark Cerny.

The developers asked Sony that the PS5 have an SSD

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the launch of PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny, architect responsible for the console, and one of the most important developers in the history of PlayStation, revealed some details about the process that led to the creation of this system. As part of a video of WIRED In which topics of the development process of the PS5 are touched, Cerny mentioned that when considering characteristics for a new console, the team in charge of it brainstorms what could not be achieved in the previous hardware.

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Tim Sweeney from Epic Games didn’t want to know more about hard drives on consoles

However, this is only part of the process and is done with gamers in mind, but at the same time a request is made to the developers to indicate what they would like to see in a new console.

In this regard, Cerny pointed out that one of the most constant requests was to provide the PS5 with a solid state drive (SSD) and Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, was one of the main drivers of this idea. According to Cerny, Sweeney referred to hard drives disparagingly considering that they were holding the industry down so the solid state drive would be the next step.

According to both developers, putting an SSD in the PS5 would be the appropriate decision as it would allow to move greater amounts of data faster and this would be reflected in the action without interruptions for the player. In that sense, Cerny gave an example of the loading times in PS4 games that could take up to more than 1 minute and even the fast travel options in open world games took up to 30 seconds, something considered by the developers as lost time for Players.

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