Sunday, January 23

This is the Spanish video game ‘Minabo’ that is going viral

  • The user walks a turnip-shaped lifeline, which grows based on what the player does

  • It has become a trend in social networks and will go on sale in the spring of 2022

The company’s video game DevilishGames ‘Minabo-A walk through life’ is a social simulation game in which the user walks along the lifeline through a turnip that will grow and prosper in social relationships, depending on what the player does. The name of the game has caused it to be a trend on social networks.

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The goal is to establish social relationships and take care of them so as not to lose them. The release date of this ‘indie’ game is at the spring of 2022 and already has ‘teaser’. In addition, in Steam can now be purchased.

Through a friendly and visually pretty appearance, they aim to create a tough story. According to the website of DevilishGames, the user will ask questions such as: Would you change something in your past? or What if I hadn’t been a jerk with that childhood friend? They also note that in this video game no two lives are the same.

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