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There will be no more titles with FPS Boost for Xbox … for now | LevelUp

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When Xbox presented its new consoles, Xbox Series X | S, the brand emphasized that part of its strategy was to offer the player the possibility of enjoying titles from the 4 generations of systems that have been released. This was made possible by the backward compatibility program, but Xbox was very serious about providing a first-rate experience, which is why they also launched the FPS Boost program, which improves the frame rate per second on select titles. However, it seems that it will be necessary to pause as there will be no more compatible titles at the moment.

FPS Boost has breathed new life into Xbox games

During his participation in the Iron Lords podcast (via Pure Xbox), Jason Ronald, Xbox Director of Project Management, spoke about the FPS Boost program and plans ahead and ahead. Unfortunately, at this time there will be no more games compatible with this technology because, according to Ronald, the development team in charge of it has found a limit: “we are always looking for new ways to improve the titles, either with increases of resolution, frame rate improvements, things like auto HDR. I will say that at this point, with the existing technique we have with FPS Boost, we have tested more titles that have been pushed up to 130fps, and in some cases most of the experience The game works fine, but then we found a bug that breaks it in 80% of cases. “

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Xbox will work to push the limits found with FPS Boost

Although there will be no more titles benefiting from the FPS Boost at present, the program will remain in force, since the objective of Xbox is to improve the experience in all the games that is possible: “we will continue looking for new opportunities and new ways to improve the titles, but we don’t have anything in the immediate future. Right now, I think we are finding some of the limitations of our current technique. “

Xbox’s commitment to the legacy of games that have appeared on its consoles has been one of the most celebrated, although it is limited in scope, as in the case of the backward compatibility program that will no longer have any more titles due to licensing situations. However, Xbox is not stopping and the brand is already thinking about fixing the infamous CBOMB that currently exists on its consoles.

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